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Joyce Striar

Harrison, New York Travel Agent

Experienced Corporate & Leisure Travel Agent

I know how to create the magic that will enhance your travel experiences and provide context and personalized services that you can’t get on the internet. I take care of all the arrangements so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, wellness or adventure, I want you to return from every trip with a suitcase of wonderful memories.

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Travel Specialties

Superior Service for Corporate Travel

I am one of those people who delights in the fast pace of arranging corporate travel. It’s often rapid problem solving for clients who are literally making changes on the fly, and also meticulously optimizing routings on a multi-flight trip and ... Read more from my Superior Service for Corporate Travel bio.

Personalized Vacations and Leisure Travel

To me, travel is all about personal experiences. I tell my clients that we are a team and every trip is about them.  I need to understand who you are as a traveler and what you are looking in your trip ... Read more from my Personalized Vacations and Leisure Travel bio.

My Experience & Background

I think I was destined to be a travel agent. I always loved travel but didn’t think of it as a profession until a friend introduced me to her boss at a travel agency. I was offered a job on the ... Read more from my My Experience & Background bio.

Travel Experiences

Getting to the Heart of Israel

The spiritual home of many religions and meeting place of the world, Israel is both a cultural destination and an adventure. You can taste foods from around the world, race around the desert on ATVs, go horseback riding on the hills overlooking the Sea of Galilee and swim on a lively ...Read more from my Getting to the Heart of Israel story.