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Gloria Lopez

Sierra Madre, California Travel Agent

Leisure Travel Consultant

I am a hands-on travel agency manager and provide administrative support so that our agents can focus on serving their clients and do not have to waste their time sorting out accounting problems and other issues. I view it as my job to help my team quickly find answers to thorny issues and challenging requests and enjoy problem-solving for my team. Most of all, my goal is to create a positive work environment for my team. I look forward to coming into the office every day and find satisfaction in ensuring that my team is happy and productive.

I came into the travel agency business as a problem solver. My husband was in sales for the airlines and came across a travel agency that was having serious operational problems. I offered to help them with their paperwork and evolved to handling booking clients and handling groups. Eventually, my husband and I decided to open our own office. We ran an agency in Pasadena for many years. As the industry shifted, we realized we needed to be part of a bigger entity and converted our agency into a branch of Protravel.

While the industry has changed greatly over the years, what has not changed is the underlying goal of making people’s dreams come true and making their business trips as seamless as possible, and I work to ensure that our agency, with the support of Protravel, provides our travel agents and our travelers with the best amenities, support, and access to vetted suppliers, around the world. 

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