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Gloria Lopez

Sierra Madre, California Travel Agent

Protravel Sierra Madre Branch Manager

If you live in the San Gabriel Valley area and are the kind of person who would like to walk into a travel agency and meet with your travel agent face-to-face, we invite you to drop in or make an appointment with one of our travel agent specialists. We also serve travelers across the country by phone and email. Either way, you can expect highly personalized arrangements and hands-on service. Additionally, if you are an experienced travel agent looking to affiliate with a prestigious, top-tier agency, we are expanding and would love to talk to you.

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Travel Specialties

Leisure Travel Consultant

I am a hands-on travel agency manager and provide administrative support so that our agents can focus on serving their clients and do not have to waste their time sorting out accounting problems and other issues. I view it as my ... Read more from my Leisure Travel Consultant bio.

A Special Kind of Travel Agency

Traditional face-to-face travel planning provided in a brick-and-mortar setting is still very much in demand. At least that has been the experience of our travel agents since we opened our travel agency in Sierra Madre two years ago. Our location in ... Read more from my A Special Kind of Travel Agency bio.

Business, Leisure, Celebration Travel Agents

Our agency is a branch of Protravel International, one of the world’s largest and most powerful travel agencies. That gives our travel agents access to a tremendous network of resources. This is especially important to high-end leisure travelers, who have access ... Read more from my Business, Leisure, Celebration Travel Agents bio.

Travel Experiences

Cruising the Baltic

About ten years ago, my husband and I went on a 14-day Baltic cruise. For us, that is a long time out of the office, but we had never been to that part of Europe, and it was exciting to go someplace totally different.

The cruise had so many memorable moments. One ...Read more from my Cruising the Baltic story.