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Howard Lewis

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

A Traveler’s Travel Agent

Would you like to go backstage at the French Opera House and meet a ballerina? Does a behind the scenes tour of British Parliament with an MP sound appealing? How about skipping Versailles to be welcomed at a private palace without the crowds? If you’re the kind of person who is open to new experiences and views travel as more than a chance to check off a list of famous sites, I’d love to plan your next European vacation.

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Travel Specialties

Discovering the Real France

France to me, is more than just a destination, it’ an emotion. I’ve been lucky to have visited all the 98 departments that make up the country and I consider France to be my ‘second’ home. For more than 13 years, ... Read more from my Discovering the Real France bio.

Independent and Rail Travel in Europe

I love suggesting ways for independent travelers to go beyond usual tourist circuits. Many of the best experiences in Europe are places and activities most people have never heard of: a manor house in the British countryside where you can take ... Read more from my Independent and Rail Travel in Europe bio.

An Insider’s View of the World

In London, visitors jam together to watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Yet when Prince Charles is in town, the changing of the guard at St. James Palace is the same kind of show in miniature and without ... Read more from my An Insider’s View of the World bio.

Travel Experiences

My Railway Adventure

I’ve been embarking on a new railway adventure that will take me across the heart of Europe. I’ve already done France and Switzerland and May of 2023, doing Germany.

I’ll be using my 1913 Bradshaw’s continental railway guide which opened up an exotic world of foreign travel for the British and American ...Read more from my My Railway Adventure story.

The Captain of My Own French Canal Boat

Of the thousand and one adventures and pleasures that I have experienced over the past 50 years of visiting France, my favorite is the experience of motoring along a French canal in a self-drive boat. To me, it is a magical way to experience the countryside, and it is something my ...Read more from my The Captain of My Own French Canal Boat story.