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Sara Goldberg

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

Born and raised in Mexico City with family around the world, I grew up with a love of travel that quickly became the passion for my career. I have been in the industry for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to travel to dozens of countries so that I could create the best experiences for my clients based on my own travel adventures. I specialize in designing unique travel for your every travel need, from the smallest towns to the bigger cities. My connections with hotels, guides, concierge services, car services, and cultural entities make it so that we can build your perfect trip from the ground up. Whether you are looking to take the hike of your life, relax on a beach somewhere, or experience the culture of that region; I am here to cater to all of your needs and desires in order to create the vacation of your dreams.

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Travel Specialties


I love everything about Italian culture and the arts.

My favorite destination in Italy is Puglia, and I recently planned a trip for a client to visit. I also sent her on travels through beautiful Cinque Terre, Milan, Como, Florence, and Verona.

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My Experience & Background

I have been working in the travel industry for 35 years. I was raised in Mexico, but moved to California 15 years ago and became an American citizen. I love everything about travel, and there is nothing more rewarding than helping ... Read more from my My Experience & Background bio.

Client Testimonials

Highly Recommend!

"Sara Goldberg has been my travel agent for more than 5 years. I like her service because she aims to understand my preferences and my needs regarding travel as it relates to hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc. All of the arrangements she has made for me have been very precise and professional."

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