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Andras Revesz

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Experienced Luxury and Active-Adventure VIP Travel

When I plan your travels, I try to learn as much as possible about your dreams, expectations, and interests so I can tailor every aspect of the trip to you and your companions. Many new clients ask me to book a particular resort or trip because they saw an ad that appealed to them. However, advertising can be misleading, so that usually is just the starting point.

To be sure that you will be happy, I like to learn more about what you enjoy. Do you want a beach resort with a kid’s club or prefer an adult-only ambiance? Do you prefer a cruise that has tons of activities on board, or would you prefer a smaller ship where the focus is on the ports of call? If Italy is your destination of choice, do you want to go cycling through the countryside or take a private guided tour of the Vatican? 

Knowing your interests, I can create a trip that is beyond what you could imagine possible. As a specialist in luxury and active-adventure travel, I can match you with small-group tours or private guides that share your passions. And if you are an independent traveler, I can help chart out an itinerary filled experiences that are uniquely chosen for you and your family or travel companions, pre-arranging everything from massages and meals to special art gallery tours.

I have been working in the travel industry since 1996 and seen many changes. The latest is the entry of the dot-com travel agencies. Through it all, what has remained constant is the desire for the kind of high touch, expertly personalized service that only a knowledgeable, professional travel agent can provide. While Amazon can tell you what other travelers who bought x will buy, my intelligence is not artificial. I can tell you that a hotel has just changed management and is not up to par, or that August is the rainy season, so it will not be the best time for a bicycling trip.

Getting to know you as a person, I can anticipate your needs and make your dreams a reality. I can tell you about what I myself have experienced and tap into the knowledge of trusted peers and my worldwide network of contacts. Plus, as a Protravel International travel agent, I get behind-the-scenes support on airlines and hotels that can mean savings, value-added amenities and VIP treatment for you every step of the way. 

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