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Glenn Litwak

New York, New York Travel Agent

High-End Luxury Travel Advisor

Luxury Travel Manager/Consultant Glenn Litwak has been called “a Pitbull with a bone” and he’s proud of that. There’s no undertaking that he won’t put all of his energy into, regardless of what it is or who it’s for. Glenn’s luxury travel clients realize his tenacity when he somehow uncovers that elusive seat on a sold-out flight or makes an unheard-of booking at the private residence of an inn-keeper who has no vacancies for the night. “I make the impossible possible – because of my relationships, personal effort, relentless determination and experience,” says Glenn. “When others say ‘No’ I strive to say ‘Yes’.”

Thousands of his clientele know this, including Pamela Harriman, former U.S. Ambassador to France and leading figure in the Democratic Party. Over the past 45 years, Glenn has developed a deep understanding of the extremely high-end luxury client. Yet, he recognizes that all travelers work hard for their money and depend on his expertise to find the greatest value. Rich or poor, owner or housekeeper, all are equally important. Glenn begins consultations with clients by asking them to close their eyes and tell him where they picture themselves. It’s wish list travel time. And on the other side of those closed eyes, Glenn is already working magic.

If you meet with Glenn and admit that you’ve always wanted to visit the United Arab Emirates – anywhere from Abu Dhabi to Dubai - he’ll likely immediately start planning a trip for you that includes shopping (or window shopping) at a gold vending machine located inside of a hotel there. You heard that right. An ATM of sorts that dispenses real solid gold. While Glenn was in line at the machine once, a couple of people in front of him, one gentleman emptied the entire lot. There’s also a wall made of pure gold. Call Glenn for your royal travel treatment. He’s soon entering the world of private aviation including becoming a licensed international aircraft broker.

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Hawaii Hurricane

Reviewed By Peter - New York, NY | Traveled to Hawaii ~ USA
I have used Glenn for all travel-related needs since 1997, and the level of VIP-driven customer service is unparalleled. He has bailed us out of weather-related travel disruptions many times over, including this year's hurricane in Hawaii.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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22 of 42 people found this review helpful

He is our designated travel agent

Reviewed By Meghan - New York, NY | Traveled to London ~ England ~ Europe
I have worked with Glenn for 2+ years. He goes above and beyond, and is always quick at responding... available 24/7. I first met Glenn working for an old employer, and brought him on board with my current boss because he was so lovely. He really cares about his clients and will do everything in his power to make sure we always have a great trip!!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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