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Wil Jobse

New York, New York Travel Agent

Business and Luxury Leisure Travel Expertise

Thanks to my dad’s job with KLM, I grew up traveling the world, so one could say travel is in my DNA. I earned a BA in Hospitality Management in the Netherlands and worked for 10 years in the hotel industry but as I learned about the travel agency industry, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. After a brief stint at MSW Columbia Travel, I moved to Protravel International and have been there ever since.  Over the years I have successfully built up my business with clients from all over the world from corporations and private companies to non-profits and educational institutions.

I am blessed with an exceptional, very international team:  Delphine Marx is originally from Luxembourg, Steve McCarthy from the UK and Jamaica and Claudia Osorio from Colombia.

I love the fast pace and the relationships I develop with my clients and suppliers. I often work evenings and weekends because that is what providing good service demands and different time zones require.  

For each traveler I have on the road, I am checking and rechecking their arrangements to head off any problems.  Much of the service I provide is behind the scenes and most people never realize that my reconfirmation with the hotel was the reason that their hotel room wasn’t given to another traveler when their flight was delayed, or that I already had scrambled to rebook a new connecting flight when I learned they were still stuck on the tarmac so they could seamlessly continue their journey. What my clients do see is that nothing usually goes wrong, and if it does, they are presented with alternatives almost before they realize there is a problem. 

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