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Nancy Kay Streiter

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Family, Romance and Wellness Travel Agent

What I do for my clients goes far beyond anything you can find or book online. The Internet is great for finding out how long it takes to drive from Lake Como to Verona, but it cannot interpret your wishes to tell you which towns and restaurants you would most enjoy visiting along the way or create a personalized itinerary that takes into consideration all your preferences and priorities.

Nor can a computer describe a destination in the personal way that I can to convey how you will feel when you get there. I have personally experienced thousands of hotels and can read between the lines of travel ads and listings. For example, a “charming” hotel will probably have tiny rooms and antiquated bathrooms.

As a Virtuoso travel agent, I can provide you with added benefits that you don’t have to pay for, such as space available upgrades, free breakfasts, spa credits, and other amenities. And being part of Protravel provides a lot of clout and often enables me to satisfy difficult requests such as hard-to-get event tickets or last-minute rooms at a time when almost everything is sold out.

With expertise based on years in the industry, I know how to listen carefully and ask the right questions to ensure that I tailor your trip to your wishes and surpass your expectations. I consider your budget and how you like to spend it. For example, I have a client who will spend $1,500 on a great bottle of wine without blinking an eye but would not want to spend that to rent a luxurious car that someone else might jump at.

I also know the importance of factoring in the needs of everyone traveling with you, and which suppliers cater to specific interests. For example, if you are taking your young children to Paris, I will suggest a guide for the Louvre who talks to young people at their level.  

Each destination can be experienced in many different ways. Families with young kids might choose San Diego for the many experiences they can enjoy together, from the San Diego Zoo and Marine World to Lego Land.

The San Diego area also has two of the best wellness spas, and they are very different. Golden Door is all about wellness, taking care of yourself and getting into shape. It has only single rooms and permits no alcohol. The focus at Cal-a-Vie Health Spa is on luxurious pampering in elegant surroundings. It welcomes couples and permits alcohol.

My original life plan was to become a chef. I was a Cordon Bleu candidate when I took a job in a travel agency, and I changed course. My boss was fabulous and taught me how to make sure everything in an itinerary flowed seamlessly. With each trip I take, I want to see and learn more, and my quest for the perfect beach—Mai-Tai in hand- continues. But most of all, I love planning people’s dream trips. Let me be the one to plan that special vacation for you.

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