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Nancy Kay Streiter

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I do not believe in cookie-cutter vacations. Everybody has different interests, travel styles, and budgets, so every trip I plan is unique. Whether you are planning a foodie journey through Europe, an active adventure in Canada, or a sun-and-sea escape to the Caribbean, I will listen to what you want, pay attention to your priorities, and spend your money wisely to fulfill your dreams.

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Travel Specialties

Family, Romance and Wellness Travel Agent

What I do for my clients goes far beyond anything you can find or book online. The Internet is great for finding out how long it takes to drive from Lake Como to Verona, but it cannot interpret your wishes to tell ... Read more from my Family, Romance and Wellness Travel Agent bio.

Italy Travel Expert

I can never get enough of Italy, and many of my clients share my enthusiasm. Last year, I took three week-long trips to Italy plus a 12-day journey, and I only revisited two cities. Each time I go, I discover awesome ... Read more from my Italy Travel Expert bio.

Culinary and Foodie Travel

There are many ways to have great food experiences, but most fall into two types: those who want very upscale, Michelin-star level food and service that celebrate the fine art of eating, and those who want traditional local cuisines in authentic ... Read more from my Culinary and Foodie Travel bio.

Travel Experiences

A Week in a Tuscan Villa

One of my favorite vacations was a trip I planned for a multi-generational family in Tuscany. I had planned the parent’s honeymoon, and then their three children’s honeymoons and now I was planning their first trip as an extended family group with their first two grandchildren—ages 1 and 5.

We agreed that ...Read more from my A Week in a Tuscan Villa story.