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Traveling for Family Reunions & Special Occasions

Done right, gathering up your extended family to celebrate a milestone birthday or anniversary or simply to have a family reunion strengthens family bonds. Many extended families get together every year to ski, go to a beach resort, or explore different cities or cultures.

Often the grandparents pay for everyone. (Some even send their adult kids on vacation without them!) One client, who takes four or five trips a year with his wife, also plans a family gathering almost every year with his kids and grandkids. For his daughter’s 50th birthday, he took his extended family including their cousins and their kids to the White Elephant Hotel on Nantucket, a sumptuous waterside hotel with its own spa. Like many of my clients, he believes that vacationing together is a way of keeping family ties intact.

Planning shared activities is an important ingredient in bonding. I recently planned a family reunion/vacation trip to Tuscany. The family decided to rent a large villa with a swimming pool. The adults wanted to go wine tasting, but I also suggested they plan some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. One of the highlights was a truffle hunting expedition. They went out with a guide and several pigs to gather truffles. Then, they all went back to his home where his wife taught them to cook special dishes with the truffles, and they all dined together. It was something no one will forget, and the kids loved it. 

Family celebration travel isn’t just for the super-rich either. For example, a high school friend asked me to help her arrange a reunion to celebrate her father’s 75th birthday. They were inviting all the kids, grandkids, aunts, uncles and cousins. All told, they hoped about 20 people would join them. I suggested a moderately-priced all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. That kept it affordable and allowed everyone to come, have a good time and not feel their wallets were being squeezed. Everyone had a great time and loved that they’d been able to vacation and celebrate together.

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