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Luxury Cruises

Cruising is my favorite way to vacation, and I love seeing each new ship come out. It is the most stress-free way to see an astounding number of places in one trip. You save all the energy of getting around, traipsing through airports, packing and unpacking, driving or finding your way through train stations. You get on the ship, and your hassles are done.

Every year, there are new ships with innovative new features. For example, the new Celebrity Edge has a large platform that moves up and down on the outside of the boat. In ports where you have to tender to shore, it serves as a kind of outdoor elevator to bring passengers to the tenders. It’s fun because you are not enclosed and can see everything as you move up and down. And for people in wheelchairs, it is terrific, because it lets them roll easily right onto the tender! 

The cruise lines have also come a long way in catering to special needs. Some are especially skilled in making it easy for people in wheelchairs to get around and almost all the lines have delicious options for people with food allergies and other dietary requirements. 

Picking the right line is important. Each line has its own personality, level of service and style of travel. Some focus on time in port; others have so many onboard activities, that you could stay on board and be busy every minute of the day. For those with teenagers or young children, some of the large ships, with age-appropriate programs and a theme park’s worth of rides and activities are a good choice.

Many ships offer active excursions such as hiking, biking, and extensive onboard fitness programs; others focus more on wine-tastings and less active touring. Additionally, if you have a special interest, I can usually find a specific sailing that caters to it. These range from golf and mountain biking to knitting. 

For many people, the ship is a destination in itself. Many have menus created by celebrity chefs that feature a wide array of selections, both from the area where you’re traveling and from around the world. Usually, the chefs shop in local markets for fresh produce and seafood from each port, and on some lines, passengers can sign up to shop and/or cook with a chef. I’m a foodie, so I love that.  Plus, most ships offer so many wonderful excursions and activities, that you can dine without guilt!

Whether it’s your first cruise or your 50th, I’d love to put my expertise to work and help you find your dream boat!

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