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Stewart Lieberman

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Exploring China

China is a dynamic, exciting and welcoming country and one of the preeminent destinations in the world to visit. The sights are fantastic, and the food and hotels are first-rate. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, my personal contacts combined with Protravel’s special relationships with hoteliers and other providers allows me to customize and upgrade your trip, arranging for VIP treatment every step of the way. Plus our visa/passport division can facilitate obtaining business and tourist visas. 

I chose China for my honeymoon in 2016 because it was somewhere my wife and I were eager to discover together. We visited Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, and Guilin as well as Hong Kong and Macau. We were curious to see the transformation of an agrarian country to the most progressive country in the world, and I can tell you firsthand that its infrastructure, including roads and bridges, is way ahead of the West.  

Among the highlights of our honeymoon was our visit to Xi’an, where we marveled at the vast array of the Terra Cotta Warriors, unearthed after thousands of years, and enjoyed the surprisingly active nightlife. 

While staying in Beijing, we visited the impressive Great Wall of China, the well-preserved Forbidden City that was home to the ruling family for about five centuries, and the Summer Palace, with its lovely gardens. 

Guilin is the China of those dreamy landscape paintings with strange peaks awash in mist. It was even more beautiful in person. We took it in on a leisurely cruise on the Li River which I highly recommend. 

We also spent three nights in vibrant Shanghai and took side trips to Hangzhou and Suzhou, and a Yangtze River cruise through the amazing Three Gorges, with its steep-sided cliffs and crashing waterfalls. 

My honeymoon trip was a chance to experience the unique culture, art, cuisine, and adventures in nature that are making China such a desirable destination for vacationing Americans as well as for business travelers. It was also a great opportunity to strengthen my local network of contacts. These include hoteliers as well as well-educated, engaging, English-speaking guides and travel services in every region. In many locales, I also can arrange for VIP pre-opening or after-hours to sights that most tour companies cannot. 

If you’d like to see China as an insider, I’d love to help you! 

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