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Lynn Aguilera

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

San Diego/Corona del Mar Branch Manager

The thing that I love most about being in the travel industry is that we help curate joy! Our travelers trust us with something very personal and valuable - their leisure time. Our Advisors not only listen to what our clients are saying but also what they mean. Every trip is designed to be as special and unique to the client as possible. We are experts at planning exceptional journeys of discovery that engage, educate, entertain and enrich as well as relaxing getaways that allow you to unwind or reconnect.

Protravel offers incredible support for its Advisors. Among my goals as a manager is to make our Advisors’ jobs easier every way I can. It is important that our Advisors are tapping into all that Protravel provides and I work to foster an understanding and confidence in those tools. In addition, I work to manage the offices in a way that creates a supportive and collegial environment so our Advisors can focus on what they love and do best – provide excellent service to our clients.

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