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Lynn Aguilera

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

Protravel San Diego/Orange County Branch Manager

When I began looking for a San Diego-area travel agency to align with, I looked at many agency groups and arrangements, weighing the costs and benefits of each. After extensive research, I decided I wanted the advantages of being based at a brick and mortar location so that I could learn from and share information with other travel agents.

I narrowed my choices down to two agencies in the area and chose Protravel International because of its reputation and size. It was a happy choice. Protravel is one of the largest and most respected travel agencies in the country. Its name rings large and loud in the industry, so its agents wield a lot of clout for their clients.

The thing that I love most about being in the travel industry is that I am bringing people joy. Our travelers trust us with something very personal and valuable—their vacation time, and so I listen to what they are saying and try to make every trip as special and unique to them as possible. For example, if I see someone likes red wine, I’ll have a bottle waiting for them in their hotel room. If they are into a particular style of architecture or art, I will find local guides who share their passion.

My background is in business administration and human resources, but I had no thoughts of becoming a manager when I joined Protravel seven years ago. I loved working with my clients, planning their trips and then vicariously enjoying the experiences they shared with me when they returned. But when the former manager left, I was persuaded to step into her shoes, and I have found it very satisfying to support the talented travel agents in this office.

Protravel offers incredible support for its agents. Among my goals as a manager is ensuring that our agents are aware of all the benefits and support that they can tap into, and fostering mastery and confidence in the tools that Protravel provides. I also work to manage the office in a way that creates a supportive and collegial environment so our agents can focus on what they love and do best--providing excellent service to our clients.

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