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Lynn Aguilera

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

A Collegial Office

The San Diego Protravel Office is a hidden gem. The location is convenient. The office is beautiful. Parking is easy. And most important, Liberty Station is a wonderful area. We recently moved here from Rancho Bernardo to our current location. The only drawback is that we are in a corporate office building with no storefront and are not well known here yet. Through word of mouth and promotion though, that will quickly change.

One of the big advantages of working for Protravel San Diego is that we are served by a strong regional support system. We work directly with a dedicated, creative senior vice president based in California who brings a strong sense of direction with an emphasis on retaining quality people and growing the brand in this region.

The agents in my office know that I have their back and value their time. I try to facilitate the administrative tasks and am there when agents need assistance or support with anything from airline tickets to invoicing.

One of the big things I have been working on is bringing this branch into the 21st century. We now have a CRM system that helps us to market better and to reach our clients with offers they appreciate, and I am arranging more training, both by vendors and on our new systems so our agents can work smarter, not harder.

We are in growth mode now and are looking to bring on both experienced and novice travel agents. We are also excited about Protravel’s recently-launched professional development program, Journeys.

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