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Lynn Aguilera

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

Protravel San Diego & Orange County Branch Manager

The Protravel International San Diego office at Liberty Station provides both corporate and leisure travelers with hands-on, 24/7 service and carefully constructed itineraries, tailored to individual preferences. Whether you are thinking of going on an African safari or a multi-city business trip across Europe, our travel agents will work to create itineraries that get you the best value and experience possible.

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Travel Specialties

San Diego & Corona del Mar Branch Manager

When I began looking for a San Diego-area travel agency to align with, I looked at many agency groups and arrangements, weighing the costs and benefits of each. After extensive research, I decided I wanted the advantages of being based at ... Read more from my San Diego & Corona del Mar Branch Manager bio.

A Collegial Office

The San Diego Protravel Office is a hidden gem. The location is convenient. The office is beautiful. Parking is easy. And most important, Liberty Station is a wonderful area. We recently moved here from Rancho Bernardo to our current location. The ... Read more from my A Collegial Office bio.

Customized Corporate and Leisure Travel Services

Our travelers receive personalized service, around the world, around the clock. As a luxury-focused agency, our expert travel agents cater to their high-end corporate and leisure clientele with five-star service. Our travel agents are all well connected with a worldwide network ... Read more from my Customized Corporate and Leisure Travel Services bio.

Travel Experiences

Loving London

Everywhere I have ever gone has been my favorite place. That said, London is a city that I return to again and again and I have a picture of Big Ben in my office. I am not a big city person. What I love about London is that it is a ...Read more from my Loving London story.

Client Testimonials

Wonderful Experience in the Yucatan!

It was a great experience. Having never used any type of travel agency, working with Lynn Aguilera was an effortless joy. All we had was an outline of an idea and Lynn ran with it and then gave us an amazing number of options to choose from. Of course we did not make it easy because we only gave her a few weeks notice, however she was unfazed and produced a wonderful week in the Yucatan peninsula. Also, we had occasion to discuss costs with the resort staff and they we shocked to find out what we had paid for a week at their hotel. The air travel, hotel check in and out and the ground transportation went without a single hitch. We will not travel again without help and advice from Lynn Aguilera.

Provided by Vince C, Falls Church, VA

Best Vacation Ever!

We can’t thank you enough for the “Grand” experience you provided for us in our travel to Italy and Paris! ALL of the travel and accommodations including Hotels, trains, planes, trolleys, private transfers, places to visit, or “not”, planned tours, restaurants, shopping suggestions, sightseeing, everything was just awesome! Over the top… best vacation EVER!

Provided by The Betteker Family, Poway, CA