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Donna Sevilla

La Jolla, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

If you would like to immerse yourself in a different culture or experience nature at its wildest, I could be the travel agent for you. From gorilla trekking in Rwanda to unique family-friendly experiences in the capitals of Europe, I pride myself on creating individualized trips that reflect the interests and desires of my clients. I have traveled the world, explored more than 100 countries and seven continents, and have the expertise and contacts around the world to make your vacation dreams a reality.

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Travel Specialties

Multi-Generational Travel Agent

As a grandparent and someone who plans my own multigenerational travels, I know that a key motivation for grandparents is to get one-on-one time bonding with their children and grandchildren. My husband and I usually like to plan something enriching and ... Read more from my Multi-Generational Travel Agent bio.

African Safaris

Nothing is more wonderful than being out in nature and encountering wildlife on an African safari. I can tailor a safari to couples, families, and even multigenerational groups. Safaris used to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, but now many clients return to ... Read more from my African Safaris bio.

Luxury Travel Agent

Am I fit enough to go gorilla trekking? How can I take my children to the Louvre and other great museums of Europe and not have them whining to leave after 15 minutes? We want to plan a trip to Alaska ... Read more from my Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Travel Experiences

Two Weeks in New Zealand

New Zealand is among my favorite places, and it keeps getting better. It is beautiful, the people are hospitable, and now, there are wonderful luxurious lodges with terrific adventure opportunities, from helicopter flight-seeing and jet-boating to hiking and off-road buggy rides. I recently spent two weeks visiting both North and South ...Read more from my Two Weeks in New Zealand story.