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Sharon Balfour

San Diego, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure & World Cruise Travel Agent

I have been fortunate to travel all over the world and have visited all 7 continents, nearly 140 countries and sailed on most major cruise lines. My greatest pleasure is putting my experience and knowledge to work for other people. I love helping my clients plan trips that make them happier, healthier, and closer with their families!

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Travel Specialties

Ocean Cruising in Antarctica & Beyond!

In my 50 years as a travel agent, I’ve made it my business to experience all the major lines and have hosted groups on Seabourn, Silversea and countless others. Cruising is great for all ages, and often is the only way ... Read more from my Ocean Cruising in Antarctica & Beyond! bio.

Luxury Travel Agent

What does nursing have to do with travel planning? Aside from being the two careers I have pursued, both involve helping people, being empathetic to people's needs, and - according to the latest studies on the health benefits of travel - ... Read more from my Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Travel Experiences

Silversea Cruise Around the World

I have been selling Silversea Expedition ship journeys and have always wanted to experience an around the world trip myself, so recently, my husband and I set out on a four-month cruise.

He’s retired, while I’m able to work from anywhere, and we both love cruising - so we ...Read more from my Silversea Cruise Around the World story.