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Leslie Emer

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I’ve always had a wanderlust, a desire to see other parts of the world and learn about other cultures.  I’m fascinated by the beauty of natural wonders, architecture and historical sites the world has to offer, and have seen all the modern Wonders of the World.  When my plane touches down in a foreign destination it gives me a thrill!  

After planning so many trips for myself and my family, becoming a travel agent was a natural transition, enabling me to share my experience and the joy of travel with my clients.   

I started out in a small independent travel agency in 1996, specializing in custom itineraries, and joined Protravel four years ago.  Joining Protravel has opened up a whole new world of resources allowing me to offer my clients the best destination experts, accommodations and experiences to enhance their travel. 

Whether it’s a customized vacation, a cruise, a tour or a combination of those, I can tailor the best experience to my clients’ wishes and budget.

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