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Tracy Rouviere

Palm Desert, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure & Corporate Travel Agent

I always wanted to be a Travel Agent, I have never regretted it for a minute. I started out in 1978 handwriting airlines tickets, and using the telephone for every booking. I  worked Corporate and Leisure Travel for 10 Years, then worked for SATO, a military agency on an Air Force Base for another 8 years, then moved to Protravel International, the top luxury leisure and corporate travel agency in the country.

I have Traveled to Mexico, South Pacific, Hawaii ,Central America and many European cities. I am available 24/7 for all my clients, and they trust me 150% because I listen and understand their individual personality, preferences and needs, from Business to Leisure.

I love everything to do with travel and believe it is the best education a person could get.I am thrilled that my daughter Danielle has now joined me and is learning the business by my side.

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