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Debra Rubio

Sierra Madre, California Travel Agent

Personalized Independent Travel Planning

If you are into it, I can arrange it. I have sent clients ice-climbing in South America and hiking to the advanced base camp on Mount Everest. I frequently arrange stays at one-of-a-kind hotels like Hotel Brufani Palace in Perugia, Italy which has an indoor pool that has a transparent glass floor that covers ancient Etruscan ruins that you can see while swimming and counts the Queen Mother of England and Prince of Monaco among its esteemed guests.  

If you are a new client, I will start by asking you a lot of questions about your interests and the type of hotels, foods, and activities you enjoy. If you are a beach lover, I might suggest a stay at a private island resort in Fiji or a boat charter to a secluded beach in Italy or the Turks & Caicos. Do you love hiking? You might join a high-end, small group, hut-to-hut hiking trip along the Inca Trail or a day trek from Chiang Mai, Thailand.  

 One of my favorite things is introducing families to international travel. When children start traveling with their families from a young age, they create a tradition that often continues throughout their lives.  

Planning stress-free trips for families with young children requires attention to detail. Connecting rooms are a must; hotels often say they will do the best they can, but my stance is that they must provide a guarantee or I will book another hotel. Plus, pacing is crucial. Parents cannot expect their children to tour all day; I often suggest they plan a half day at a pool or doing a fun activity. For one family’s trip to Asia, I sprinkled in art and cooking classes and theatrical performances as well as pool time at their hotels. 

Many of my clients enjoy customized itineraries where I arrange individualized experiences with private guides and specially selected experiences. For example, in Croatia, I might suggest visiting an oyster farm for lunch, and in the Swiss Alps, I have arranged a four-wheel vehicle ride through the rural Swiss countryside, followed by lunch with an Alpine farming family.  

Thanks to my extensive personal travels, years of travel planning and network of international travel providers, I can create highly personalized itineraries around the world, from Mexico City to Marrakesh and everywhere in between.

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