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Jessica Griffin

Ada, Michigan Travel Agent

Corporate Travel Agent

My love for travel started when I was in high school and traveled with my school on bus trips. My first trip was to New York City where I realized that I wanted to dig deeper into the travel industry and that the little details intrigued me. For example, I enjoyed the touristy spots but I was more drawn to the off-the-beaten-path places and lesser-known sights.

From there I went to college and obtained my travel and hospitality degree where we learned to ticket air and book travel directly on the powerful back-end GDS system (a Travel Agents' secret competitive edge!) along with many other facets of the travel industry.

I then honed my skills at several travel agencies and finally found my place here at Protravel International, the country's leading luxury and corporate travel agency.

I specialize working with groups, handling passport and visa requests and working with corporate clients. I still love to travel and sell travel and will for a long time to come.

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