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Renee Barnett

Boca Raton, Florida Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

I started out in 1976 working for a wholesaler, selling Las Vegas package tours. After two years, I discovered there was a big world out there and that I wanted to be a retail travel agent. Most of my early career was spent on the corporate side, issuing airline tickets, using the OAG and hand-writing the airline tickets, and booking hotels and cars. Soon after computers and ticket machines came along and we all adapted.

In 1990 I earned a degree from FIU in Hospitality Management and left retail travel to work in the hotel industry. I soon felt confined and returned to retail travel on the leisure side.

I have traveled and cruised extensively in the last 25 years to broaden my knowledge of the industry. I have seen lots of changes and find it challenging and exhilarating at the same time.

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