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Lanie Geller

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

I have traveled to just about every Caribbean Island, either by plane or cruise ship. I have traveled extensively across the globe, including Europe, Bali, Tahiti, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Rio. My first-hand travel knowledge and longstanding supplier relationships enable me to craft the best travel experiences the world has to offer!

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Travel Specialties

Costa Rica: Beaches, Jungles and Wildlife

Costa Rica is one of those places that is great for everyone. For families, I usually suggest doing a beach and jungle combination. Imagine awakening to the sound of howler monkeys and spotting an adorable sloth with its baby, camouflaged in ... Read more from my Costa Rica: Beaches, Jungles and Wildlife bio.

Caribbean: Beaches, Culture, Food

I love the Caribbean, and I have been to almost every island, often multiple times. The beaches and the sea are wonderful, but there is so much more to these islands when you go beyond the beach. The food, cuisines and ... Read more from my Caribbean: Beaches, Culture, Food bio.

My Life in Travel

I’ve always loved travel, but I never thought about being a travel agent until my own travel agent recruited me! At the time, I was a teacher, which is similar in many ways. In both professions, you are taking a lot ... Read more from my My Life in Travel bio.

Travel Experiences

Bali and Hong Kong


Bali is a place that really touched me. The culture is so rich and I saw a deep sense of family; the way they feel about their elders so different than in the U.S. For example, we visited a family compound and our guide explained that the elders’ houses were in ...Read more from my Bali and Hong Kong story.