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Marylin Marcus

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Jewish/Kosher Travel

Today, from Koh Samui to Katmandu, almost everywhere you go in the world, you can find kosher food and Sabbath services. I even was able to get gourmet kosher meals on safari in South Africa (see my blog post). It’s just a matter of knowing what is available and who to ask. Most hosts are truly wonderful about it.

The cruise industry has been quick to adapt. Almost all the lines, both ocean and river, can provide packaged kosher food on most sailings. Many also offer special kosher sailings where a kitchen is dedicated to serving fresh-cooked kosher meals. 

Additionally, I have developed resources that can help connect my Jewish travelers with Sabbath and holiday services and Jewish communities around the world. Many people are surprised to learn that some of the biggest Passover Seders are in places like Thailand and India, where hundreds of people may gather. These are not huge Jewish communities. They are places that many Israelis go after completing their two years of compulsory military service to experience cultures and landscapes that are totally different from Israel. 

After more than 45 years of arranging trips for observant Jewish people, I have a list of providers and local contacts that truly spans the globe. 

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