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Ruth Asher

Fairfield, New Jersey Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

When I am working with a client, the most important thing is to both listen and hear, which are not the same thing. I need to know about each traveler, so I can recommend the destination, hotel, cruise or experience that best matches their interest. One person's idea of "relaxation" is different than another's. After 40 years in the industry I don't have a favorite destination or trip to plan, I always love discovering the next trip around the corner.

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Travel Specialties

Unpretentious Luxury

To me, there is no such thing as "the most fabulous" or "worst" travel destination. Every trip I plan is completely customized to match what my clients want. Overall, I always encourage travelers to go a little off the beaten path, away ... Read more from my Unpretentious Luxury bio.

Luxurious Adventure

There are many extraordinary places across the globe to experience breathtaking scenery, amazing wildlife and natural beauty. Whether on land or sea, here are some I have experienced myself and also beloved by my clients.


My clients prefer the smaller, more intimate ships. ... Read more from my Luxurious Adventure bio.

My Life as a World Traveler

Travel is an amazing field, it is always interesting and everything is always changing, which I love. I also  get the opportunity to meet and work with clients and suppliers I would not have the opportunity to otherwise know. I don't have a favorite ... Read more from my My Life as a World Traveler bio.