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Stephanie Durst

Westbury, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent & Wellness Specialist

I have voyaged extensively through Europe, Africa, India, the South Pacific, and beyond, always propelled by my natural curiosity. I am passionate about experiencing as much of the world as possible and about using my deep experience in the industry to help my clients do the same. Most of all, I love fulfilling people's dreams.

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Travel Specialties

Transformational and Wellness Travel

The transformational potential of travel became clear to me soon after the trauma of 9/11 in a meeting with the director of a Miraval Spa. We were talking about the life-changing potential of travel and particularly wellness vacations. Coming on the ... Read more from my Transformational and Wellness Travel bio.

Creating Wonderful Family Memories

My favorite childhood memories were when our family traveled together, so it’s one of the types of travel that I’m most excited to plan. I made sure that my children traveled with us from a very young age and those shared ... Read more from my Creating Wonderful Family Memories bio.

Jamaica Inn secret cottage

My Life in Travel

My passion for travel began with our family trips when I was a child. My most vivid early travel memories are of a trip to Hawaii in 1967, before it was a big tourism destination. My brother, who was serving in ... Read more from my My Life in Travel bio.

Travel Experiences

Ananda in the Himalayas

One of my most life-changing experiences was an intensive week-long detox-rejuvenation program I signed on for at Ananda in the Himalayas. It’s the most amazing destination spa. It bases its program on the ancient Ayurvedic principles, which go back thousands of years and originated in India.

The spa sits at foothills of ...Read more from my Ananda in the Himalayas story.