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Ellie Tannenbaum

Westbury, New York Travel Agent

Culture & Art Travel

Travel isn’t just about places, it’s a way of looking at the world. Wherever I go and whatever I arrange for my clients to do, I look for the quintessential experiences — the culture, art and people--that set a place apart As an airline employee during my first job after college, I was able to fly the world. England was the first place I went, and was amazed at how many buildings — and even more important — how many traditions, were largely unchanged from 400 years ago!

Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, even the recreated Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s plays are still performed in the round as they were in his time, bring us back in time while connecting us with the present-day culture. I also love Oxford. With its centuries-old university, it is a wonderful counter-balance to the hustle of London. In summer, you can even stay in their dorms, dine in the dining halls and see performances in the theatres that so many famous people from explorer Sir Walter Raleigh and founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn to poet T.S. Eliot and HM King Abdullah II of Jordan. And today, there’s another layer of culture to explore—Harry Potter. I often create mini-Harry Potter itineraries for families so they can relive their favorite memories from the book and movie series. Italy is another favorite destination for culture. I love arranging individual trips that give people insights into the history and culture of each place they go. One of my favorite places to send clients is into Tuscany, where they can walk through olive groves and vineyards and even follow parts of a pilgrimage route that led from Canterbury, England to Rome.

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