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Sandy Garcia

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure & Corporate Travel Agent

I started in travel back in 1985; learning the business from bottom up. I worked with groups, schools and families planning travel to Israel for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Holy-Land along with Global Luxury Leisure Travel.

By 1998, I switched gears and dove into the depths of Corporate Travel. In October of 2001, I became an independent contractor handling only my own clientele which consists of Global Luxury Leisure & Corporate Travel, serving clients on five continents.

My 34+ years of travel have taken me to four continent’s so far covering much of the USA-Hawaii, Canada, The South Pacific/Southeast Asia, Central America, South America, Israel, and all over Europe.

I specialize in Global Luxury Travel, Corporate Travel, Corporate Retreats, Destination Weddings, Honeymoon’s, Wellness, 3 Generation Family Travel, Adventure and more.

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