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Susan Bleecher

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Customized Culinary, Art, and Family Travel

I love organizing trips that matching people with experiences that will delight them and make their trip reflect their interests and preferences. I enjoy getting to know each traveler’s travel style and dreams and using my wide-ranging expertise and network of contacts to create a trip that could only be theirs. For example, one couple who are serious art collectors were planning to a trip to Venice and did not realize that they would be there during the Venice Art Biennale, a prestigious international contemporary art exhibition that happens across the whole city. I found an art critic who was willing to serve as their guide, and we turned their visit to Venice into a once-in-a-lifetime art experience. 

Another couple asked me to plan a golfing holiday in Spain. I knew that they were also very into culinary travel, and I had just heard about a new program where you cook with the family and then dine together. It was very inexpensive and amazing to get to cook a typical meal with someone in their home. The program is offered through Virtuoso, and I had heard good feedback, so I felt comfortable setting up the dinner for them, and they loved it. 

People often turn to me for multigenerational trips because they can be complicated. For example, there was a family of eight adults—parents and their grown kids and significant others—planning a trip to Cuba. The oldest son had taken responsibility for organizing the trip, but he finally threw up his hands and a friend connected him to me. Looking at the ages and interests, I arranged for a local guide and pulled together some really fun experiences. A highlight for everyone was riding in a 1958 Cadillac convertible to visit Ernest Hemingway’s home. I also suggested they dine at a restaurant whose owner my husband and I had become friends with on a previous trip, and they enjoyed being welcomed and feeling a personal connection.  

My background has always been in hospitality. Although I did not set out to be a travel agent, in hindsight, it seems like a natural choice for me. Prior to joining Protravel International, I owned a large catering and event business in Los Angeles. When I sold the business, a friend asked me to partner with her in her travel agency, and I quickly discovered I loved the world of travel. When that agency was sold, I moved to Protravel. I had heard about the support they provide and decided that was where I wanted to be. That was 12 years ago, and I have been a happy camper ever since.

Protravel is great for my clients because I am able to provide them with VIP treatment and value-added amenities at top resorts around the world that range from free upgraded room categories and spa credits to early- or late-check-in at no charge. For those who fly business or first class, I also can often save them thousands of dollars on their airfare. Plus, in addition to my own expertise and contacts, I can tap into the vetted suppliers of Protravel and Virtuoso as well as the personal experience of my co-workers. Often, clients who are referred to me ask me to plan the same trip their friends took. I insist that we start fresh. You would not marry the same person as your friend; why would you want to take the same exact trip? After talking it through, even though they may go to the same destinations, the trip will almost always look very different. Whether you are interested in a babymoon, a culinary journey, a luxury cruise or an itinerary designed specifically to your interests, I would love to tailor your trip to your tastes.

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Fabulous Travels

Reviewed By She - Beverly Hills | Traveled to Africa
There are always complementary extras and little known places to experience when Susan puts a trip together. She is always on top of everything so I never have any travel anxieties. Susan always delivers a fabulous trip.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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A one in a million Travel Advisor

Reviewed By SuSu - Los Angeles, CA. | Traveled to Argentina ~ South America
Susan Bleecher has arranged numerous vacations and business travel for our family to locations around the world...and I am thrilled to say that each journey exceeds our desires and expectations.. Susan is a superb listener...she understands the caliber and quality of hotels, guides, and transfers which will meet our exacting tastes and contribute to a carefree and comfortable adventure.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
Susan Bleecher responded:
Thank you so much for this review. I hope you know that it is always a pleasure to work with you and help you plan your trips.
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Exotic Adventure

Reviewed By None - Los Angeles CA | Traveled to Bhutan ~ Central Asia
Susan is knowledgeable, responsive, and fun to work with. She knows my interests and let's me know about trips I will enjoy.
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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