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Suzy Nevins

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Curating Culinary, Foodie and Wine Experiences

My most vivid travel memories are often places where either I had extraordinary cuisine or meals where the setting was unforgettable. These are the type of experiences I collect to share with my clients, whether you are a foodie, an amateur chef, a wine connoisseur, or simply a person who enjoys good food and wine.

My favorite culinary experiences take many forms. In Vietnam, one of my most memorable evenings was a serendipitous dinner on the beach at Ninh Van Bay. The restaurant had just one table out on the beach, but it had been reserved. Fortunately for us, it rained and the couple who had reserved it canceled. As the sky cleared, we took our place on an isolated beach overlooking the East Vietnam Sea. Waiters came and went for each delicious course and only the waves and our conversation broke the silence.

Ston, Croatia is known for its fresh oysters, so while there, my friend and I went out on an oyster boat. There was only one other couple on board with us. As we watched the captain pull the oysters from the sea, we were invited to eat as many as we wanted. It was amazing to eat oysters tasting of the sea and only minutes from being in the water. And of course, we washed them down with a crisp white Croatian wine.

Hong Kong has some fantastic restaurants. My favorite dinner was at Liberty Private Works. I had read rave reviews about the food and secured hard-to-nab reservations in advance of our visit. However, I was taken aback as we entered a tiny elevator in what seemed like an old apartment building and stepped into an area with only 10 stools in a semi-circle bar area.

I shouldn’t have worried. There were more courses than seats and the chefs were in the middle of the semicircle cooking everything in front of us, each course more unusual and delicious than the one before.

Another wonderful moment happened on a self-drive barge cruise wandering with my grandson in Provence. My grandson and I walked into a tiny village. We were probably the only tourists there and we spent a wonderful few hours chatting on the terrace of a local bistro, sipping wine and observing local life.

I have always been a foodie. My friends used to joke that they make dinner; I make reservations.  As a travel agent, this is especially true because I often arrange meals for my clients. I continually research the best places to eat around the world and follow my favorite chefs because I know and care about them and their food.

Wherever you are looking for a Michelin-star experience, a classic bistro that is a favorite with locals or you want to go to the source to sample regional wines, I can make your travels more delicious by arranging and suggesting wonderful culinary, wine and beverage experiences.  

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