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Suzy Nevins

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

When my clients travel, I want them to feel like valued guests and not someone who has simply walked through the doors of a hotel. I spend a great deal of time getting to know hoteliers and on-site hosts around the world so that my clients are welcomed in a way that differentiates them from travelers who book on their own or through other agents. My clients are expected, they are personally welcomed, they are given amenities and often upgrades, and that is guaranteed to make their stays exceptional.

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Travel Specialties

Luxury Travel Agent

A client once asked me why I suggested a different hotel for her than for her friend. I explained that she and her friend have different tastes and there is not one best hotel for everyone. I plan each trip catering ... Read more from my Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Curating Culinary, Foodie and Wine Experiences

My most vivid travel memories are often places where either I had extraordinary cuisine or meals where the setting was unforgettable. These are the type of experiences I collect to share with my clients, whether you are a foodie, an amateur ... Read more from my Curating Culinary, Foodie and Wine Experiences bio.

Welcoming New Zealand

New Zealand has something for everyone, from nature and food lovers to active adventurers. The country is as long as the U.S. is wide which gives it hugely divergent microclimates. Volcanoes have created glorious mountains and lakes. Many areas are still ... Read more from my Welcoming New Zealand bio.

Travel Experiences

Two Sides of India

India is a very multi-faceted destination, but to me, the biggest distinction for travelers is between northern India, with popular attractions like the Taj Mahal, and the less-known southern region.

The perfect metaphor for this difference came to me a while back when I was having lunch with friends. On one hand, ...Read more from my Two Sides of India story.