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Sandie Wiesenthal

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Creative and High-End Vacation Travel Concierge

Do you want to arrange a surprise proposal or wow your spouse with an inconceivably romantic dinner, set up and served just for the two of you? Are you looking for ways to personalize your family reunion and make it an event everyone will cherish? These are the kind of challenges I love.  

In 2016, I was named Virtuoso's “Most Innovative Advisor.” It is an honor awarded by Virtuoso suppliers who serve top tier travelers, and I am happy to be honored for my creativity, a trait that I pride myself on.

One of my favorite arrangements was for a client who wanted to wow his girlfriend and propose in a very traditional and romantic way at Versailles. I put together a guided visit to Versailles and arranged to have the proposal filmed without the bride-to-be having any inkling of what was going to happen. It was really exciting to plan and we pulled it off. I even surprised them with a horse-drawn carriage ride after the proposal. Needless to say, the bride said yes, and the couple thanked me for creating magical memories. I booked them an amazing honeymoon and am happy to report that I have arranged many special trips for them since then. 

Everyone has a different idea of romance, but often it involves private moments in exotic places. In Egypt, I sent one couple on a private yacht trip down the Nile. In Bhutan, I arranged an extraordinary picnic perched on the mountainside at a private spot along the steep trek up to the renowned Tiger’s Nest Monastery

I also created for a fun lunch for a couple in Bariloche, in the heart of Argentina’s lake district. It was something that had been done for me and I was thrilled to be able to recreate it for this client. I sent them boating on the lake with a guide. Across the lake, they saw a fisherman and the guide suggested they go meet him. When they arrived, the fisherman turned and stepped aside to reveal a floating table with an elegant lunch. It was such a nice surprise! 

Often, my ideas come from my supplier friends. The manager from a hotel in India where my clients were set to arrive in a week happened be visiting me in my office. He asked me to write a note to my clients and include my card. The manager greeted them personally and upgraded them to an amazing suite. He also told them how he loved working with me and had a gift basket waiting for them with my note! 

For every trip, I try to find something very special and unusual. Whether you are celebrating a special anniversary, planning a surprise for a loved one, or simply looking for a uniquely romantic experience, I would love to put my creativity to work for you!

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