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Diane Silvaroli

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Luxury Travel Agent

My passion is planning journeys that help people realize their travel dreams, whether it is pursuing a unique passion, exploring a faraway land, bonding with a spouse, family, or friends through shared experiences or simply relaxing. I will work closely with you to design each experience with your tastes and interests in mind. Equally important, my concierge-level service and attention to detail ensure that your travels will be seamless so you can focus on enjoying your dream trip.  

I am usually the person people turn to when their interests lie in going somewhere totally off the beaten track or pursuing an esoteric interest. On the other hand, many families and even individual travelers come to me for advice on where and how to travel. My first task often is helping them define what it is that will make them happy. 

For example, a grandmother who was planning a trip for her kids and grandkids talked about a number of destinations, but I could feel her joy and excitement when she mentioned Ireland. When I pointed that out to her, the decision was made, and we planned a trip that everyone loved.  

Some of the most challenging trips I arrange are for a woman I call my “National Geographic” client. An artist, she is drawn to tribal cultures around the world. To help her reach the Black Tribes of India who live at the base of the Himalayas, I hired a reliable guide and mapped out her trip.

Similarly, in Namibia, she wanted to meet the Himba people, known for their isolation and traditional lifestyle. Finding a guide to provide entrée was the kind of challenge I love. I also sent her to Mongolia for the Golden Eagle Festival, and to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq, where she collected images for a coffee table book about tiles. I have also sent her to festivals in remote areas of New Guinea and Easter Island, and to Sri Lanka, where every year, elephants are decorated and paraded through the towns.  

This type of travel is right up my alley. I have always been fascinated with the world and learning about different cultures. That is why I studied anthropology in college, and why I pursued a career in travel. I earned a CTC designation, the equivalent of a college degree, and taught at a travel school for six years. 

Arranging trips for people like my “National Geographic” client is an extension of what I do for everyone; I find the best guides for your interests. For devoted foodies, I can arrange private and group cooking classes around the world in places such as Lima, Peru, which has become a great culinary destination. It has a huge concentration of Michelin star chefs who create interesting dishes that blend South American and Asian immigrant culinary styles.  

While many of my clients have limitless budgets and personal assistants, I also plan trips for less affluent travelers, seeking out fantastic three- and four-star hotels in great locations. I feel strongly that travel is for everybody.

Call me if you are looking for someone to help you turn your travel dreams into reality.

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