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Diane Silvaroli

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

A dream can be hard to articulate. Many people know the essence of what they are looking for but the “where, what and how” can be hard for them to pin down. That is why I often describe myself as a dream merchant. In speaking with you, I can help you give voice to your dreams and then use my 40 years of travel industry experience to put the details behind those dreams to create a customized trip that far exceeds your expectations.

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Travel Specialties

Luxury Travel Agent

My passion is planning journeys that help people realize their travel dreams, whether it is pursuing a unique passion, exploring a faraway land, bonding with a spouse, family, or friends through shared experiences or simply relaxing. I will work closely with ... Read more from my Luxury Travel Agent bio.

Family and Multigenerational Travel

I have been planning family travel for many years. With kids and parents so busy these days, I think a family vacation is a wonderful way to carve out precious family time, and it is essential to get it right. By ... Read more from my Family and Multigenerational Travel bio.

Luxury Ocean and River Cruise Specialist

Whether you are going on an ocean liner, an expedition ship or a river cruise, you will find that each line has a distinct personality. The trick is to find the ship that matches your taste. The same is true of ... Read more from my Luxury Ocean and River Cruise Specialist bio.

Travel Experiences

Three Weeks in Sweden and Denmark

One of my favorite trips was a three week trip with my husband to Sweden, topped off with a stay in Copenhagen. One thing that made it special was visiting a friend who lived in Stockholm. She had a wonderful flat looking right out at the Royal Palace. It was a ...Read more from my Three Weeks in Sweden and Denmark story.