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Margriet Itz

New York, New York Travel Agent

Expert Luxury Travel Agent

I like to call myself the E-Z Pass to a great vacation because I make my clients lives easy when they travel. As a well-traveled, experienced Protravel International agent, I have the knowledge and resources at my fingertips to save you days and weeks of research and ensure that you get the best value. I will give you reliable information on where to go based on your interests, and not one-size-fits-all suggestions. Plus, I am there for you from start to finish, ensuring your trip is the best it can be.

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Travel Specialties

High-End, Hands-On Travel Planning

“Sure” is the most often word you will hear from me. If there is something you want, from hard-to-get sports tickets like Wimbledon or the Monaco Grand Prix on land or yacht, or a villa in the Caribbean, I can make it happen. When ... Read more from my High-End, Hands-On Travel Planning bio.

Independent Luxury Travel in Europe

I have traveled through most of Europe, and understand how to plan itineraries that make sense logistically. I also can arrange exclusive experiences such as after-hours museum tours and reservations at the most coveted Michelin-starred restaurants.  

The right private guide can ... Read more from my Independent Luxury Travel in Europe bio.

Canada and the American West

The once-ubiquitous ad campaign “See America first” had a point. The American and Canadian West is unique in the world. The vistas are awe-inspiring, and there is so much to see and do that you could visit a different place every ... Read more from my Canada and the American West bio.

Travel Experiences

The Nature of the Galapagos

When I think of my most memorable travel experiences, cruising the Galapagos is high on my list. My husband and I and another couple chose to go there for the abundance of unusual wildlife and we were not disappointed. The animals there has no fear of people and while you cannot approach them, they often ...Read more from my The Nature of the Galapagos story.