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Gloria Greenstein

New York, New York Travel Agent

Customized Safaris, Family & Independent Travel

The two most valuable commodities we have are time and money. When I plan your trip, you can rest assured that you will get what you paid for and more and that your time will be stress-free and filled with the best experiences possible. My job is to leave no stone unturned to ensure you have the trip of your dreams.

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Travel Specialties

Gloria Greenstein family on Safari in Tanzania

Life on an African Safari

I’ve been to Africa about 20 times and have been on the advisory board of the luxury adventure company, Abercrombie & Kent, for more than 30 years. What I love more than anything is staying at the luxurious tented safari lodges.

People ... Read more from my Life on an African Safari bio.

Gloria Greenstein's family in Prevence

Family, Grandparent, and Multigenerational Travel

Family travel comes in many forms, and all can be wonderful with the right planning. My husband and I started taking our grandchildren on trips when they were not quite camp age. It gave their parents a nice break and helped ... Read more from my Family, Grandparent, and Multigenerational Travel bio.

My Life in Travel

If you look at a Broadway Playbill from the 1970s, chances are you might see “Travel by Gloria” listed in the credits. For many years, I arranged the travel for Broadway shows touring around the USA, Europe, and Asia.

It was a ... Read more from my My Life in Travel bio.

Travel Experiences

Taking Our Grandkids to Tanzania

Years ago, we took two of our grandchildren to Tanzania.  Our granddaughter was eight at the time, and her brother was eleven. Those were great ages because there was so much they could relate to, and it made for great school reports when they returned.

Like almost every kid, they loved the ...Read more from my Taking Our Grandkids to Tanzania story.