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High-end Corporate Travel & Complex Itineraries

Corporate travel planning is all about getting people where they are going, handling all the logistics and trouble-shooting any weather or other issues that may cause delays.

One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to pull together complex itineraries. Many of my clients plan around the world itineraries that might involve 36 flight segments that need to be pieced together. I view it as a puzzle where I have to fit all the pieces together in the most direct, time efficient and cost effective way possible. Often this literally can cut days of overnight connections and waiting time out of a trip.

Another big factor is the weather. I can’t control it, not can the airlines, but I often can get my clients where they are going, even when the airlines are saying everything is grounded. For example, I had a client stuck in Dublin recently because high winds had closed down the airport. However, we were able to put him on a different routing and get him home and he was thrilled.

Corporate clients also like my ability to adjust to their last minute changes. A client may be on the way to the airport and realize they will miss a flight or can make an earlier flight or in a meeting that is running late.  A text to me and I’m getting changing your flight. 

And I don’t just wait for your call. I proactively follow my travelers around the world. If there is a delay in a connecting flight for example, I am probably already working out a solution by the time you have landed and call me. That means you’ll never have to wait on that long rebooking line at the airport that happens every time a flight is delayed or canceled.

Last but certainly not least, I can arrange for upgrades to business class from a full coach fare on many islands as well as other discounts. Often, I also can nab seat assignments, waivers and other benefits usually only available to those with the highest airline status. Plus, through our association with Virtuoso, I can arrange for a whole array of benefits at many hotels, including room upgrades, free breakfast and other VIP amenities. Plus, I always call ahead so that my client gets personalized service. When you book with me, you aren’t just another traveler who has come through an online booking. The front desk will know you are a VIP.

In every way I can, I work to ensure that your trip is as seamless and comfortable as possible! 

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