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Executive Business and Luxury Leisure Travel Agent

Air travel has always fascinated me. I lived near the airport as a kid and would go over to watch the planes take off. I’d often call the airlines to get their timetables and even made my own maps.

That fascination with flying is still with me but as I grew up, I also became interested in the places the planes could take you. I studied travel and tourism at Hunter College, and then lived in Milan for ten years. I was always planning out itineraries for my friends, even before I was in the industry. So, when I decided to return to the U.S., becoming a travel agent was my natural career choice. 

The logistics of travel stills fascinate me. I love finding unique and special experiences around the world and pulling them together. Creating a multi-destination itinerary is like piecing together a jig-saw puzzle. And when you’re flying to off-the-beaten track locales, often you have to try a lot of combinations before the full picture falls into place. To me it’s great fun. But more important, not doing that can mean you have to overnight in a place you have no desire to spend an extra second in, or having to take three connecting flights instead of the once-weekly non-stop. 

Of course, the most important pieces of the puzzle of the puzzle come from you. Knowing your travel style and interests, I can pull together the hotels and special experiences that will make your trip truly unforgettable. 


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