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Carol Mccarthy

Roseland, New Jersey Travel Agent

Hands-On Corporate Travel and Meeting Planning

Sometimes my corporate clients make me feel like a magician. My travelers all know to call me whenever there’s a problem. Your flight was canceled? I knew that because I’ve been watching the situation. So, by the time you call me, I probably have you re-booked so while everyone is online screaming at a reservation clerk you’re sitting across the way in the café watching.

I love the pace of planning corporate travel and the people connections. Business travelers are sometimes moving so fast, they get off the plane and text me to find out where they are staying. Protravel has after-hours service, but if I’m not sleeping, I take the calls myself.

My corporate travelers tend to be smart people. They know what they need and what I can do. Many have been with me 20 years and more.  In these days of online booking, they know that they could book on their own. But like airline pilots in these days of automation, my job is to be there when things don’t go as planned. 

If there is a hurricane coming, I may need to make your reservation before the flight is actually canceled to prevent you from being stranded. Your meeting ran long so you need to change flights? I’ll sort out the back-end so you don’t have any problems. And of course, as a Protravel International agent, I have access to amazing front-of-plane airline discounts and contacts and a host of benefits at hotels.

I also handle all the millions of details involved in setting up corporate meetings, including getting everyone there, and negotiating group rates for sleeping and function space and ensuring that all the necessary equipment and meal arrangements are in place. 

I’ve worked in corporate travel at American Express and other agencies. One of the best things of being a Protravel agent the clout we have. When I go into a sales office for a client, they listen. Of course, experience counts too, because often there is quite a bit of back and forth. It’s important to know the market and the players because the savings and extra amenities for the client can be significant if you know what to ask for.  

Thanks to my years of experience in corporate and leisure travel, I know how to navigate the complexities of travel to smooth the way and get the best amenities, prices and service for my clients.

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