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Martha Mckay

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Spas for Business and Leisure

My first trip to Canyon Ranch was years ago, when one of the corporations I worked for asked me to put together a spa trip for the wives. Soon I was doing two or three a year for that group and I discovered how restorative a spa stay could be. I love the spiritual aspects, the way they use meditation and other techniques, and how aromatherapy scents evoke different feelings.

These days, I plan both corporate and leisure spa getaways and use a variety of spas around the world. There are quite significant differences among spas, and one of the important roles I play is to match the spa to my client.

For couples, often a golf/spa combination resort such as the Omni La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad, California, might be ideal. Others prefer a resort like Fairmont Banff Springs that offers challenging hikes as well as golf and spa options.

I often suggest a Miravel Wellness Resort for corporate groups because they offer great team building and limit-stretching programs that include challenging rope climbing and a free fall. There are also ancient Native American healing therapies woven in along with drumming and chanting. My favorite is their equestrian challenge, which involves taming a horse. You have to show the horse that you are boss which is hard to do with a big animal. They walk you thru the process of how you can exude mastery rather than being afraid.

For those looking to combine a trip to Europe with a spa, there are many different types of natural thermal spa resorts. One that is on my wish list is Clinique La Prairie, which is both a destination spa and a true medical spa located in Switzerland. 

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