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Martha Mckay

Roseland, New Jersey Travel Agent

Flawless Meetings and Incentives

The first time I planned an incentive trip was at the request of a corporate client, and I loved every bit of it! I discovered that it takes the kind of organization and attention to detail that I’m good at, and allows for a lot of creativity.

You’re always problem-solving, working in different environments, and functioning as a team with providers and corporate counterparts to help a company achieve their objectives. For example, I get involved in menu planning, working with catering departments to ensure that the menus tie in with the theme of the meeting and feel different and interesting every meal, even if we use the same venue multiple times.

Being detail-oriented is a plus when I’m negotiating contracts, making sure all the bases are covered. And Protravel International backs me with the clout and buying power to provide advantageous rates.

Often, the process starts six months or more in advance, visiting multiple hotels to find exactly the right fit, and then staying on to review the billing and ensure everything is packed and shipped. I’m always onsite for the meeting, prepping each day to be sure the A/V and other requirements are in place, and trouble shooting in case there are unexpected hitches.

One of the most challenging is weather. One year, I had a group in Orlando slated to leave during a major snowstorm. More than three hundred people were affected and they were flying to their homes all around the country. We had to reroute every one, and with that came transfers and for some, nights at hotels. But we got everyone home in the most timely and stress-free routings we could and the attendees and my client were very appreciative. 

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