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Joann Tripi

Westbury, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

Responsiveness and responsibility have been my hallmark as a travel agent. If you need me, I am there and I try to respond to all trip information requests within a few hours. Most importantly, I am very detail oriented and check and double check to be sure everything is correct, and I like to spend time with my clients to make sure I plan the best possible trip for them. For example, I often invite my clients into our conference room to show them options on a big screen. For very complicated trips, we often meet in person up to ten times. 

I started out as a travel agent at Austin Travel in the 1980s, and the agency was bought by Protravel International around 8 years ago. As a Protravel agent I have access to great perks for my clients, such as upgrades and extra amenities. My clients are loyal, and my business has grown through referrals of friends and family over the years.

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