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Personalized Travel Planning

Have you ever been to Egypt or Pompeii?  These are just two of the hundreds of amazing places that I have visited—and sent my clients--in my many years as a travel agent. Arranging bucket list trips and making dreams come true is what my job is all about.

Every trip starts with you. I listen to your interests and what you want from your trip and then offer you suggestions. My years of experience and industry contacts often enable me to come up with ideas that you would not have access to or think of on your own.

Recently, for example, I planned a trip for a family reunion. The family members ranged in age from a five-year-old to grandparents, and they asked me to rent a villa for them in Puerto Vallarta. Concerned that there would be too much forced togetherness and not enough options for people to follow their interests, I suggested they rent a large villa situated on a hotel property so they could have the best of all worlds. It was the perfect solution.

For another multigenerational family that has a reunion in the Caribbean every year, an all-inclusive resort has been the best choice. The grandparents pick up the tab, so an all-inclusive makes it easy to budget and to manage. Plus, with teenagers who are looking for a lot of activities and like to eat a lot, the value of having a single price that covers everything is appealing. There is so much to do, and with everything included, no one has to think twice before trying a new sport, stopping for a snack, or going off on an adventure. This year, I was able to arrange some special things like a private dinner on the beach.

I started my career as a travel agent at a small agency, where I eventually became a co-owner. As the industry changed, my co-owner and I realized that we needed to be part of a bigger entity. After researching the options, we decided to join Protravel International, one of the largest and most prestigious agencies in the country. It was a great decision. We all work as a team, and there is always someone who has just been to a destination to check in with on the latest news.    

Plus, thanks to the clout of Protravel and my personal contacts, I usually can offer you value-added amenities that you could not get by booking on your own. This fact was brought home by a recent call from a client. At check-in, the general manager of their five-star hotel came out to personally welcome them, give them his card and invite them to call if they needed anything. They also received an upgraded room at no additional cost. On this trip, they were traveling with friends who had booked the hotel on their own and did not receive the same VIP treatment. My clients called to thank me. That is the power of booking with a travel agent like me.   

I love making people happy and turning their dreams into reality. I look forward to working with you to plan your next trip!

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