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Annette Sordoni

Encino, California Travel Agent

Red Carpet and Romance Travel

My goal is to make you feel like are you floating through your trip. Your feet never touch the ground because I have thought of everything, from the moment you leave home. My favorite moments are when my clients return and tell me I’ve thought of everything and more. 

I can even make some of the largest airports feel utterly luxurious. In London Heathrow, for example, the Windsor Suite allows you to avoid the terminal completely. The private terminal was originally designed for the Windsor family and diplomats. You go through security screening there, and when the plane is ready, you are driven across the tarmac in a BMW to board. At Los Angeles, New York’s JFK and Miami, there is a similar option called The Private Suite

Many celebrities, sports figures and other high net worth clients appreciate my presenting these kinds of options when they travel. They often have very limited time to unwind and enjoy with their partner, so I need to do all I can to make that time is as close to perfection as possible.

I’m always looking to create memorable moments or add a thoughtful surprise. For example, the day after a film producer’s Caribbean destination wedding, they flew off to another island and walked into their room to find a wedding picture framed and sitting on the dresser. They were touched! 

Similarly, for anniversaries, I’ll often send a framed wedding picture ahead to be set out in the room as a surprise. For one couple, I had their favorite song playing in their room when they arrived. 

Private dinners in scenic locations are super romantic. Sometimes I’ll find a way to surprise the couple with a violin player or fireworks. One of my favorite spots is at Four Seasons Punta Mita in Mexico. They can serve dinner on a promontory with an almost 360-degree view of the ocean. It’s an amazing spot under the stars or at sunset with white glove service, gourmet cuisine and if you like, a guitarist. 

I seek out places like that around the world. At Hotel Caruso, overlooking the Amalfi Coast, I arranged a dinner with fireworks for a proposal. Las Ventanas al Paraiso in Los Cabos has a romance director who can do some incredible things. One time, a bride was presented with a box with a button. When she pressed it, fireworks went off all along the beach. The couple returned to their room to find a wall of candles around a tub filled with bubbles and rose petals. It was breathtaking! I’ve done similar things in Africa, where you return from a game drive to follow a path of flowers leading to a drawn bath strewn with rose petals!

If you can dream it, I can make it happen. Plus, I always like to add a unique surprise or two of my own!

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