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Annette Sordoni

Encino, California Travel Agent

Personal Luxury, Privileged Access, VIP Service

When you enter a hotel, you are not an anonymous person; you are Annette Sordoni’s client. I have worked hard to build relationships with hoteliers, so your trip will be extremely personal. They will know if you’re celebrating a birthday or a new job. And I will know what is important to you and everyone traveling with you so that I can take your trip to a deep level of personalization.

I also put the power of Protravel International and Virtuoso behind everything I do. Protravel’s reputation and its affiliation with Virtuoso means I can get the most favorable rates at luxury hotels, and those rates include a lot of extra amenities. 

My first career was in television and film production. However, I discovered that planning leisure travel was my passion, so I became a travel agent. I have traveled the world, including almost all of Europe, as well as many places throughout Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Central and South America, Indonesia, China, Iceland, Fiji, Tahiti and more. 

Italy is my top destination; I lived there for ten years and am fluent in Italian. But I also have developed close relationships with suppliers around the world. Because of these relationships, I often can find a way to get what my clients want—whether it is a room at a sold-out hotel or VIP amenities. 

Knowing how the airlines work, and having Protravel’s VIP desk at my fingertips, also helps. For example, when a connecting flight for a celebrity keynote speaker was canceled, I reserved a flight on another airline while she was still in the air. By the time she landed, all alternative flights were sold out, but she was on time for her engagement. 

I am always scouting for the most amazing resorts. Among my favorites is Dar Ahlam — La Maison des Reves in Morocco. Everything there is about you, the guest. You don’t have to wake up in time for breakfast or tell anyone in advance that you want to go for a camel ride, have a spa treatment or hike into the Valley of the Roses. The owner is a theatrical producer, and he’s created a hotel that feels like a fantasy. 

I don’t do cookie cutter travel. I look to provide experiences most people can’t access. For example, I can arrange for you to be in Sistine Chapel by yourself with no one but your guide. It is like being alone with God, and I can make that happen. 

A test of good service is how you handle challenges. One of my clients viewed a private lunch on the Great Wall of China as a bucket list experience. Sadly, that section was to be closed during his visit. I turned to the owner of Imperial Tours who secured a section of the Wall for the picnic that was off limits to the public. They climbed ladders to get to it, and a bad situation turned into a unique adventure that was even better than the original dream.

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