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Steve Evans

Encino, California Travel Agent

Corporate Travel

I can generally create significant savings while providing top-notch service for companies of all sizes by bringing structure to their travel program. My corporate travel career began with my work for Universal Studios, where I wrote their travel policy and created their travel program, providing travel services for everyone right up to their top executives. While most large companies have policies in place, many small and mid-size companies that look to me for savings do not.

Being a good corporate travel agent is about much more than saving money. My job is to make every trip as stress-free as possible for my clients. Working on the Universal Studios lot for 12 years, I learned to ensure that my clients never had to think about the logistics of their trip, and that has been my goal for business travelers ever since. To do that, I think through and anticipate every possible need, from the car service your assistant might forget to book, to whatever you might require in your destination. I also keep an eye on flight delays, political situations and other issues that might arise. My job is to focus on everything involved in your trips so that you can focus on your mission. 

I worked for 28 years at BCD Travel where I became an expert in structuring itineraries to give travelers what they want while taking advantage of the best fares. For example, by building itineraries smartly and using Protravel International's best-in-class negotiated rates and air programs, I can often save thousands of dollars on full-fare coach and front of plane fares. Additionally, Protravel’s hotel programs provide access to value-added extras at hotels around the world and almost always better rates than travelers can find online. 

Usually, the first step in working with a new client is discussing whether the company wants to put a policy in place, what that policy should look like, and whether they want the policy enforced. There will always be business reasons for making exceptions, but usually, the program should be created so that 95% of the travel will fit within the policy. Because I can filter the options by the corporate policy, I can easily provide great options that are within policy while delighting the traveler by advising them on how to best tap their loyalty programs to gain status and benefits. 

Probably the biggest reasons my business travelers love me is that I keep tabs on them throughout their trip. For example, I had a client whose flight was canceled for weather. I called him before he left home and rebooked him on the next flight out, saving him hours of stressful time at the airport.

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