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Alyssa Scott

Encino, California Travel Agent

Travels Through Turkey

Turkey is an unbelievable place! I have traveled through Turkey numerous times, including driving solo on the Turkish Riviera in 2015 – from Alanya to Bodrum and Ephesus.

I am a huge history buff and when studying the Byzantine empire was blown away at how many historical sites are located in Turkey and can be visited today.I love planning travel for my clients to all parts of the world, but especially love when I receive requests to visit Turkey, as it is a country I have traveled extensively and have much admiration. 

One time while exploring the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, I was approached by a gentleman who I was sure was trying to sell me something - or kidnap me - ha! but we ended up having a wonderful conversation and exploring the city. He pointed out buildings that have been converted to modern use but date back to the Ottoman empire as hammams or portions of the old palace.

I love travel's ability to connect people! I’ve learned that we as people have more in common that we think. And if we are open to conversation, we can be empathetic towards one another and also become better people.” I planned a small group to Turkey, beginning in Istanbul with tours of Topkapi Palace, the spice market, and the iconic Hagia Sophia. They then flew to Bodrum and spent a few nights at the Mandarin Oriental, before beginning a 5-night cruise on Luxury Gulet fully staffed where they could enjoy the Turkish Riviera and Mediterranean.

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