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Personalized VIP Travel

Would you like to fly from Los Angeles to Bali in a suite or in a solo seat that converts to a flat bed? Does getting upgraded to a higher level of accommodations than you booked sound attractive? I pride myself on providing my clients with the highest level of comfort at the most advantageous pricing.

Protravel’s contracted fares and complimentary upgrades often can save first- and business-class air travelers thousands of dollars, depending on where you are flying. In addition, sometimes we can find alternative routes to offer you significant savings.   

Similarly, I keep tabs on promotions and comparison shop hotels to ensure that you get the best value. Thanks to my years in the business, I know many of the hotel representatives. That means in addition to the amenities Protravel’s industry pull provides, I can often pull strings if you need an early check-in or late check-out. I also will know where hotels are in relation to where you want to go, the quality of individual hotels, what kind of feedback they get and whether there is renovation going on that might affect your stay.

Personalized service also means paying attention to every detail. Are your documents in order? When will your passport expire? Are you a member of a particular frequent flyer program? Does your hotel’s check-in time coincide with your arrival, or do I need to arrange an early check-in time?  Would you like me to arrange any tours or special experiences? 

I also know the potential pitfalls that could affect your trip. For example, a grandmother and her 16-year-old granddaughter were taking their first trip to Europe. The girl had a valid passport. So did her grandmother. As required, their passports would be valid for more than six months after their return. So what else could they need? France won’t let a minor in without an authorized letter from the child’s parents giving the grandmother permission to take her. I made sure they had that way before their departure! 

As your travel expert, I think through every step of your trip. Recently, I set up a girlfriend getaway at a wellness retreat that was a three-hour drive from the airport. The women only had a long weekend, so I maximized their time by arranging their transfer by small plane. I also check to be sure that trains you plan to take run on the days you need them and hire guides and drivers with the expertise and personality to enrich your trip in a fun way. And if you need something along the way, I’m never more than a text away!

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